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NEW YORK – Montebello Foods, Inc., a one-stop source for more than 500 pizzeria and family-style restaurants. If it isn’t a restaurant or pizzeria, Montebello will accommodate your business without having to utilize three or more distributors.


In our new facility, railroad delivery would allow us to purchase in greater quantity at a discount to give us an advantage over our competition. 




---all five boroughs of New York City, as well as Long Island, parts of upstate New York and Connecticut.

---preparing to cross the Hudson River into the Garden State.


--- on-time deliveries in a competitive market are needed to build successful

business relationships.


--- “If you compare distributors, there are very little differences in terms of the product line. Most distributors have to carry brand names,” he said. “What makes us different is on-time service and deliveries. I believe that relationships are very important. It’s not just another customer for us. We spend time in the accounts, my sales people spend time there and customers appreciate that.”


--- A shrinking industry, with distributors being acquired or closing their doors, unveils opportunities for small broadliners, Mangano said. However, while he readily accepts the challenge of other metropolitan broadliners, even those that come from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, he considers the competition posed by cash and carry outlets, such as Costco, BJ

and Restaurant Depot, unfair.


 --- The sales staff also teams up with manufacturers’ reps to visit “seven or eight” accounts a day to prepare new menu items.


A member of Buonamici International, Richmond,

VA, a unit of Progressive Group Alliance.


---We carry the brand-name products that drive the food business.


---Service, Price and Quality of the products that we offer is the key that keeps our customers loyal. 


Food Corporation

133 Randolph Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237
(800) 935-8227

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